Cri de Coeur


A vengeful father, a remorseful killer and a young woman who falls in love with the murderer of her sister; in this cocktail of revenge, lust and forgiveness, three protagonists seek a way to come to terms with a dramatic event that controls their life. Will history repeat itself or will reason eventually trump emotion?

TO THE BONE is a thrilling story of three people who need to come to terms with the murder of MIRA, a young woman who was killed by her lover in a fit of blind rage.

The murderer is MANUEL, a musician who in a fit of jealousy killed his girlfriend Mira. After a prison sentence of 12 years, he is released on good behaviour. He naively believes that now he has served his sentence, he can pick up his life again.

But the vengeful father of MIRA does everything in his power to make this impossible, he wants Manuel to be punished for the rest of his life.
After several years of being stalked and bullied Manuel flees to the Azores where he starts afresh under a new name (BONE). He starts a spiritual getaway where he helps other people to come to terms with their pasts. Manuel finally finds peace, until one day LOULOU, a young woman, visits the resort and for the first time in a very long time he falls head over heels in love. Not knowing that his new lover is the sister of Mira…

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  • Release
  • TBD
  • Format
  • Feature
  • Director
  • TBD
  • Screenwriter
  • Brigitte Baake
  • Producer
  • Ciné Cri de Coeur (BE)
  • Co-producers
  • TBD