Cri de Coeur


A lonely 9-year-old boy makes a new friend when he discovers a magical little man inside of a cupboard.

But when one of the man's spells goes awry, the boy's entire family is shrunk down to four inches in height.

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  • Release
  • 2014
  • Format
  • Feature – 93 min
  • Director
  • Tim Oliehoek
  • Scenarist
  • Tamara Bos
  • Cinematographer
  • Rolf Dekens
  • Production Design
  • Wilbert van Dorp
  • Producer
  • BosBros
  • Co-producer
  • Ciné Cri de Coeur
  • Financers
  • Screen Flanders, Dutch Film Fund, CoBO, BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance, Mollywood, In The Air