Cri de Coeur


Two Mossad agents on an existential journey across Belgium and Holland. Success means everything. Failure means death.

Two men on a train from Brussels. Adereth, 63 (Ben Kingsley), one of the best field agents of the Israeli Mossad, is on the most important journey of his life. Daniel, 34 (Itay Tiran) is the young agent sent to watch over him as Adereth has become a liability. Some of his superiors are convinced that he’s been fabricating intelligence reports for some time now, in order to delay his impending retirement, in order to stay relevant, alive, admired as he always was.

The train ride ends abruptly and violently and the men head to an unexpected destination where Adereth has to settle a moral debt from the past. Once that is done they are on their mutual mission: Adereth must deliver crucial information he claims is waiting for him. Daniel must make sure he does not deviate from the plan.

Enter Angela, 50 (Monica Bellucci). A target. A lover. An enemy. All? Neither? Adereth has it under control. Or does he? Both Samuel, 49, the ambitious Mossad officer and Martens, 53 (Filip Peeters), from the Belgian secret services, think not. Daniel is yet to be convinced.

As hostile forces attempt to harm the agents, the journey becomes a true requiem for Adereth, emphasizing his emotional turmoil and solitude. The meeting between two Mossad agents cautiously bonding during a secret service operation in the heart of a troubled Europe is a reflection on human relationships as well as on the Europe of today – fragile, troubled, under constant threats from the outside and turmoil from the inside. Daniel treats him with suspicion but as they move along he is pulled in by his charisma and vast knowledge of the world, of human behavior, of life, but also by some secrets Adereth holds close to his heart, secrets that can open some locked doors in Daniel’s past.

For Adereth, success means continuing to serve the Mossad, failure means his life has no meaning anymore, perhaps no life at all.

For both it is a journey of redemption and survival.

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  • Release
  • Beginning 2019
  • Format
  • Feature 


  • Director
  • Eran Riklis
  • Script writers
  • Gidon Maron
  • Emmanuel Naccache
  • Cinematographer
  • Richard Van Oosterhout 
  • Production Design
  • Merijn Sep
  • Delegate producers
  • Topia Communications (IL)
  • Ciné Cri de Coeur (BE)
  • Co-producers
  • Dragocom (PT)
  • NL Film & TV (NL)
  • United King Films (IL)
  • Financers
  • BNP Paribas Fortis Film Finance
  • United King Films Distribution
  • Dragocom
  • Film Constellation
  • The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts
  • Netherlands Film Production Incentive
  • September Film
  • October 2nd Productions


  • Cast
  • Sir Ben Kingsley
  • Monica Bellucci
  • Itay Tiran
  • Itzik Cohen
  • Filip Peeters
  • Hilde Van Mieghem
  • Marcel Hensema
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